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About WJ

Wendy Jane is an artist based in Poole, Dorset


The Artist

Poole based artist Wendy Jane, originally from London, enjoyed being part of the busy city life but now likes nothing more than walking along the Dorset coast.
Her passion for sculpting began as a young child. Rather than following the traditional route through art college, Wendy has developed her own style by building on her life experiences. She is recognised for her humorous take on life, from her simplistic 'clay men' to her more colourful figures.
Wendy's clay men have a narrative depicting the strength and softness of mankind and it's journey through life but the artist encourages the observer to use their own interpretation.
The personalised pieces often celebrate a special event. They seek to capture the essence of the person, place or occasion.
In recent years Wendy's love of dogs has led her to develop this area of her work, blending the colours using polymer clay to create a unique sculpture.
She accepts a limited number of commissions each year and is always excited to work on new projects.
Wendy's collection of sculptures are available through the gallery 'Originals' Poole, Dorset or directly through the artist.

The Products

Clay Men, dogs, 'hoodies' and soldiers are among the most popular artwork that Wendy invents and creates.

How to buy

We highly recommend viewing in person to really appreciate how much character is infused into each piece. To do so, visit Originals in Poole where Wendy Jane has a collection of pieces on exhibit there.

Alternatively, contact Wendy Jane directly to enquire about a piece you've seen or commission something new. Head to the contact section to find out how to get in touch.

men on pole

Flagship Products

What Wendy Jane is best known for

clay man

Clay Men

The clay men are available in many varieties, such as wall pieces and free-standing sculptures. Commissions available.

Prices range from £20 - £500

clay dog

Clay Dogs

Commissioned dogs are very popular, send Wendy a picture of your dog to get yours.

Prices range from £75+

Other Characters


Virtually anything can be commissioned.
See 'The Mouse Gallery' come to life in Wendy's stop-motion videos on YouTube

Prices on Enquiry

Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding Cake Toppers

Make your wedding stand out with completely bespoke and customisable wedding cake toppers.

£60 per character


Just get in touch or make a commission

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